Architecture that creates as well as advocates the harmonic co-existence between space, human and nature. By taking into consideration each client’s distinct requirements, the practice strives for unique schemes characterized by individuality. Nature is the concept behind most of our work as we regard this as a rich source of inspiration.

The reconciliation of people with the natural environment while creating spaces that integrate with it, is of particular importance to our practice, forming part of our ideology. Our goal is to achieve comfortable, pleasant and functional living, alongside the elevation of the aesthetic and architectural value of each space.

The quality of our surroundings has a direct influence on the quality of our lives, whether at home, in the workplace, the cultural building or the public realm. The quality of light, the choice of materials, the use of colour, are coordinated as part of the overall scheme

Structural Engineering

We combine expertise in a variety of fields, dynamic and seismic design, conventional and geometrically complex structures. Architecture and structural engineering are an integral part from conception to completion. We devise innovative design solutions that are economical, beautiful and sustainable.


The supervision to our projects contributes to the correct study implementation, in order to achieve the best final result, which is very important for the practice.

Our knowledge and the experience help us to obviate any incorrect construction from initial stage

Visualization & Model Making

Our Design Communications and Visualization team work produces everything, from hand-drawn sketches to photorealistic computer renderings, animations and motion graphics. Models are at the heart of the design process. They can communicate a project to a client more effectively than any other medium, help him to understand the essence of a project at its earliest stages. They also can help the architects explore aspects of a scheme or refine complex details.


We invest in innovation and we are constantly searching for new materials and construction techniques around the world. Research can be everywhere: international fairs, visits to innovative buildings, personal experimentation, allow us to refine design solutions to ensure long-term flexibility

Workplace Consultancy

The first and most important step in the design process is to help clients to realize their needs. The dialogue can often lead to new ways of thinking finding the best and most convenient solution. This is achieved with the help of questionnaires that the clients are asked to answer, putting them in a deep-thinking process about their needs